Ancient Beauty Finds at Indie Beauty Festival

Beauty exploring came closer to home this summer with Indie Beauty Expo. Over 220 brands all came to showcase their newest products, and to our surprise we discovered a few beauty lines inspired by the world of beauty abroad.  From India with Shankara Beauty to Italy with Olio each brand featured some of the most powerful beauty ingredients worldwide to helping women around the globe cultivate their beauty rituals into giving back beauty incentives. What I really loved were the brands that really were working to make a difference and highlight their own beauty DNA, something close to home for each one, and that beauty gem that only they could speak from the heart about. No big corporations just small passions and stories about grandmothers, magical gypsy ingredients like Saffron and desert beauty secrets that anyone could fall in love with.

Here is our #BeautyExploring List of our favorite NEW Lines at Indie Beauty expo:



Bi-far my favorite discovery was Shankara , a natural skin care and holistic body treatment product with a unique east-west approach. Ayurvedic wisdom combined with anti-aging science transforms skin and is age preventing perfect for us western girls who are all about the science but want to add a little holistic natural remedy magic. 

For anyone that knows me I absolutely love Indian Beauty, and ayurveda ( Ayu=Life Veda = Knowledge  is a 5,000 years old natural system of healing based on the five elements of life ( space, air, fire, water, and earth)

They each combine into three dosas that supply the body with energies that circulate in the body and govern our ultimate being. The purpose of Ayurveda is to remain balanced in order to “BE” healthy in every way including inner, outer, and spiritual beauty. 

Shankara is PETA Cruelty Free Approved, and free of alcohol, and other chemicals. Not only that the founder is a true #BeautyTraveler and her booth gave me all gypsy vibes even with chocolate.

My beauty obsession from her line is the Aura Essential Oil Deodorant! PLUS its travel size. I smell incredible, but also balance my doshas hroughout the day and I prevent any toxic chemicals entering my body by switching to a product that takes women’s health seriously. Two thumbs up to this beauty find!

JOON  Hair-Care Persian Secrets

Inspired by the founders persian grandmother kitchen table, and their grandfathers spice company this duo combined centuries-old traditions with their personal experiences to mix smells, and flavors in persian beauty rituals.

While traveling through the Middle East + Dubai saffron is known as the spice of life. Red in color it protects from evil spirits and mixed into their food, and also now in Joon signature product “ Saffron Hair Elixir” hair oil.

I love seeing the classic bottle they used for packing with gold oil, mixed with vibrant red saffron. The product makes you feel expensive, and a must for your glass beauty table. Something you would see in a queens beauty room. Not only that it helps to keep the scalp moisturized which prevents dandruff and hair growth. 

Olio -Di Alessandro DAL 2016

Made by the Planet, Not Corporations..” Handmade in-house by Alex ( Founder)  in small batches and packaged in italian style marble this line is everything F-A-B.

I was blown away by the attention to the packaging that made each product a work of italian art. Inspired by Alex’s ancient old family business of artisan carrara marble production each product is a masterpiece in style of timeless minimalist elegance.

Their signature product Viso Face is an all-in-one solution for anti-aging, youth preservation, to replace your creams, and lotions to in their words #TheEndofCreams … They use 46 edible ingredients from the finest farms, and jungles on earth. Their miracle ingredient? Oils… They promote that natives looked half their age because of the use of plant oils. So stay on the look out for this new brand.. 

Sahara Rose – Take an extraordinary beauty voyage with Sahara Rose all Natural Skincare

Inspired by the majestic desert, this line helped us discover a beauty ingredient we had yet to hear about..  Her main ingredient is the prickly pear seed oil that has survived the harshest environments and is one of the deserts most powerful skin luxuries. Her line is inspired by beauty rituals used for generations by the autochthones in secrets concoctions from the Sahara desert. She combines Marrakesh Saffron Pistils, Moroccan Rose, Neroli and other rare ingredients that are essential for antioxidants, nutrients and powerful anti-aging benefits used by healers in her family lineage. 

Each purchase of Sahara Rose helps support small scale agriculture and women’s group.

My product of choice is the Divine Body Oil, with luxurious precious oils.

Enriched with Sweet Almond, Jojoba oil, and plum kernel oils, infused with essential oil, you can see all the amazing ingredients like rose floating in this miracle beauty oil. The founder Ikram Emhart is from Moroccan descent and says her biggest inspiration was her grandmother who taught her ancient concessions and ancient inherited remedies. PLUS she radiated beauty, and was passionate about sharing her work with us. 

Akar Skin  – Tibetan Inspired Beauty

Akar means “ White Crystal in Tibetan.

The rest symbolizes purity, and that’s why the beauty line Akar is all about pureness and 100% natural.

Their story begins with  the founders trip to the Tibetan Plateau. She fell in love with the area, the clean air and abundant wildlife was truly breath-taking. It was the perfect place for formulating a skincare collection around native Tibetan ingredients. Simple, yet effective it was one of the smaller brands that really caught our eye. We love tibet and its no wonder Akar is taking their inspiration from their calmness, and sacred beauty. 

Aypa – Terra Inca

Feed your skin with ancient superfoods. Aypa is a beauty line that hits home and focuses on the cultural heritage from the Andean Incas.

Aypa gathers their ancestral knowledge to connect with the essence of the Land of the Incas in order to create well-being through natural beauty products.

Peru being one of our beauty destinations, that we travel too – we loved seeing  the most precious ancient ingredients that include Sacha Inchi, Purple Corn, Camu Camu,  Golden Berries, and Quinoa in their beauty breakdown.

These ingredients are found in daily lives of the peruvian culture. Each one holds the power to unite the body with nature to achieve physical, mental and spiritual balance. A return to the essence.

We’re loving the Organic Bath Therapy that contains Andean Cusco salts infused with Andean herbs, It detoxifies the body while giving you a connection to Pacha Mama healing properties.

Indie Beauty Explo happens every year and were super excited to announce 20% off general admission using our discount code just because we love you: Our code is ATWB20

Make sure to tag your pictures #BeautyExploring and well re-gram via our stories.  Indie Beauty Expo is from August 22nd – August 23rd.


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  • Kari Na
    Posted at 18:28h, 28 March

    Thank you for sharing, will definitely check out Indie Beauty Expo!

  • Carmina Keiko
    Posted at 17:16h, 27 March

    All of these companies sounds go fabulous. I am a firm believer in supporting small business and with backstories like these, it’s hard not to want to support them! So amazing!

  • Kimberly
    Posted at 01:06h, 26 March

    I will definitely have to try the Shankara product line!

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