DIY Dominican Nail Strengthener

This Dominican trick will help get your nails long and strong! Vampires, beware, because this tip is all about garlic.

Garlic is known to make your nails grow faster and stronger. Rubbing garlic on your cuticles lets its antioxidant properties seep into your nails, enhancing their growth.

But let’s be real, garlic is stinky.

Instead of rubbing it on your fingers, try making a Garlic Base Coat. Yeah, you read that right.

Garlic Nail Polish

All you’ll need: (really!)

  • Garlic
  • Base Coat


  • All you do is crush some garlic and add it to your base coat.
  • But then you have to wait a week for it to really mix. (Most importantly, after a week it won’t smell!)

Every time you paint your nails, use this base coat first. With the garlic properties directly on your nail bed, your nails will grow way better. Try it and let us know how you like it!

Just two ingredients!


The finished product


Written by Halle Butler

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