Bath Ritual


The magic of herbal bathing is that it changes the vibrational frequency in the emotional, mental and astral bodies, as well as the physical.

Bathing in the sunlight energizes and uplifts us,The water  connects us back to both our bodies and the Earth’s beauty.

Prayer is an important part of this healing. 

Herbal Bathing helps relax tense muscles, opens pores, encourages digestion, softens the skin, and assists in detoxification.

Our Baths are made under the full moon with 100% organic material. Prayer included


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Bath rituals have always been used as an ageless beauty ritual to release toxins, and prepare the body for coming of age, a method of cleansing and relaxing. Popular in many countries around the world especially latin countries including Peru, and Mexico. Offerings include rose petals, and herbs to represent different beauty offerings to bring prosperity, fortune, love and health.


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