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The Beauty Bracelet Mala was created for the Beauty Traveler. To see with your heart, and be guided with inner beauty for protection, and light for each travelers journey.

Wear the bracelet as a reminder that you are protected and guided with inner intuition to shine beauty as you explore the world. By wearing your mala you draw on it’s energy, and let the vibrations of the intentsion manifest.  Wearing your mala means that you can also recite your beauty mantra throughout the day whenever you feel like connecting to your inner light.

Malas are used for reflection, spiritual practice, prayer, meditation, cleansing of the chakra system and crystal healing.

Each mantra was charged with deep beauty meditation and filled with intension of protection, inner beauty, and wisdom.

Our malas are sustainably harvested, fairly traded, and ethically produced, hand-made by trained artisans indian women.

Every beauty bracelet purchase gives $1.00 to the women maker in Hardiwar, India.

See below for the meaning behind each stone in your Beauty Mala.

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The Gemstones in your Mala:

Prism Rose Quartz: Located at the center of your beauty mala is the Prism Rose Quartz. The prism shape of the stone of self-love splits light to 7 colors, activating the 7 chakras. Helps one understand to love oneself and in reflection love others. Inner peace, compassion and as a reminder to always follow your heart.

Turquoise: Spiritual healer and Stone of Wisdom. Brings luck and power to the traveler.  Also known for protection during astral travel, and a spiritual bridge between worlds. Known to tone, and strengthen the entire body. Inner and outer beauty, creativity, and emotional balance. 

Clear Quartz: Stone of Power and Mind. The mother of all crystals is a true reflection of beauty, to see beyond and within. Healing stone, that enhances energy and the aura of the wearer. A master healer known to purify thoughts, and focus the mind. 

Amazonite: Stone of courage, truth, and honor. Opens up intuition, and the third eye. Soothing stone, calms the nervous system, aligning the body to maintain optimal health and brings self-confidence. 

Lotus Pendant:  The story of the lotus flower. As the beautiful lotus grows from mud, beauty can come from even the darkest places. Represents an awakened mind. 
Tassel: For protection on your travels

Made 100% in India with love.


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