Journey To Beauty “The South”


Inspired the practices of Latin America

Join us as we gather for a womens circle inspired by our sisters of Latin America. We learn about the healing properties of Volcanic Clay and other key ingredients in the indigenous  way to beauty. Make a natural clay face mask, a popular beauty ritual from the native tribes in the Amazon, and learn how to make a herbal bath inspired by our sisters from Peru that include offerings to our Pacha Mama – a practice that dates back thousands of years. We focus on the art of hair braiding by teaching the history and impact of these beautiful braids that you’ll see all through out Central and South America for special celebration. We learn to tie fabric and add extensions of yarn to represent beauty. We then close the circle by taking part in a palo santo ceremony to connect the message of beauty, ritual, and a sisterhood. Cacao is offered as our inner beauty activation, while we enjoy the music and atmosphere of the magic of The flute, and native instruments.

You will be creating:

  • Volcanic Clay Mask
  • Herbal Bathing Offering
  • Hair Braiding with Fabric

Each workshop is three-hours, where we share in native beauty traditions that are inspired by Stephanie’s global travels. Offered exclusively on the days around the  Full Moon.

We will enjoy Cacao from Mexico, which is known as a superfood of the Maya and Aztec. It’s filled of anti-oxidants and helps block harmful free radicals. Tons of Vitamin C and contains omega 6 fatty acids which repairs skin cells, naturally improving the skin complexion and rejuvenation.


Pay a deposit of $750.00 per item

DATE: March 26rd 2017 12:00pm- 3:00pm

Price: 27.00

Class maximum is 12

Please bring comfortable clothes, you can sit in, and a scarf. You are welcome to bring any stones, or significant objects to support you in a beautiful journey.

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