Top Trends from the 2018 Indie Beauty Expo

We’re still processing the incredible experience of this year’s Indie Beauty Expo. In its third year, this event (also held in Los Angeles, Dallas, and London) brings together an eclectic array of indie beauty brands. Some have made it big on the mainstream market, and some are fledgling companies founded by their owner’s blood, sweat, and tears. It’s a wonderfully positive event with people who are truly passionate about their products, sustainability, and their responsibility to the planet and their customers.

Aside from the amazing inspiration, we definitely picked up on some big trends that are going to impact the market in the coming year. Read on to learn about all the exciting new brands taking the indie beauty world by storm!


1. Beauty in the Buff

Indie beauty is putting your tatas, your booty, and your vajayjay front and center for some TLC. It’s not just about sensuality (although that doesn’t hurt!), it’s about self-care. When’s Beauty and the Breast sheet mask and Noniko’s Boob Balm will plump and firm your bosom — both necessary after a summer of sand, surf, and sun. Aroms Natur had all of our womanly bits covered, with heavenly scented oils designed to “Tone Your Curves,” “Love Your Breast,” and “Nourish Your V.” We love that these brands are teaching women to engage in some intimacy and get to know — and appreciate — their amazing bodies.

2. New Beauty Destinations Shine

While Korean, French, and Scandinavian beauty has strongly influenced Western trends for several years, some hot new beauty destinations have emerged. Australia/New Zealand, India, and Hawaii all emerged as top beauty contenders with some stand out products and amazing founders. Ethnique, hailing from New Zealand, had an amazing, colorful line of travel-friendly solid bar products that we adored. Aavrani‘s skincare line is pure Indian luxe, but the real heart of their brand is a wonderful program that gives back to empower local women. However, one of the biggest standouts was Hawaii: from O’o‘s decadent, crystal-infused skincare, to Lau Botanicals’ plant rich oils and serums, these brands are taking advantage of what the lush islands have to offer. At Around the World Beauty, we’re all about discovering what treasures you can uncover in every corner of the globe!

3. Hot New Ingredients

Pay attention, because you’re about to see these ingredients explode on the marketplace. Seaweed, cannabis, probiotics, and moringa oil seemed to pop up in every booth at IBE. Planet Botanicals, harvested with love in Maine, uses several types of seaweed to bring extra moisture to their amazing creams (The Seaweed Bath Co. had some great seaweed-infused products, too!). Companies like Cannabliss, CBD+Nature, and The Organic Hemp Line are bringing hemp and cannabis based products to the beauty world, touting their amazing healing benefits. Marinella‘s amazing moringa face mask and night cream duo use the power of this special oil to moisturize and soothe your skin.

4. Ayurveda Takes Over

We’ve already written about the amazing benefits of Ayurveda for your health, but now it’s taking over beauty and skincare. Sahajan‘s amazing line, crafted by two Ayurvedic doctors, works with your skin intuitively to keep it glowing and fresh. That’s what makes Ayurveda so effective — it’s all about listening to your body, along with the changing seasons, to stay balanced and maintain equilibrium. Ayurveda Apothecary by Yoke’s balancing perfume oils are based off of the doshas, and will not only soothe your soul, but their heavenly scents will transport you to a world of botanical bliss.

5. Inside Out Skincare

IBE was right on trend with the beauty world at large, placing supplements at the forefront of every effective skincare routine. From Vital Collagen‘s popular collagen protein powders to Ceramiracle’s pairing of supplements with matching skincare solutions, the industry is turning to inner beauty to help your glow emerge from the inside.


We were so inspired by the passionate brands and amazing products we saw at IBE. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more in-depth coverage of these trends and more beauty news!

Stay gorgeous, beauty tribe!

Love bumping into #BeautyTraveler Friends. Left: Mallory Huron Beauty Writer Melissa Hago from @FashionSnoops

Seaweed from Planet Botanicals ” Seaweed Beauty Collection”

Taking in the world fragrance with Raw Spirit

Haiti magic ingredient “Castor Oil” by Kreyol Essence

Two beauty discoveries we fell in love with at IBE Kelia and Africa Miranda

OO Hawaii Infused with Crystals and Superfood

Congratulations to Taila who launched at IBE and here she is with our beauty writer #Mallory Huron

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