Why Choose Around the World Beauty for Your Global Travel Adventure?

Making the decision to invest in your personal growth and travel somewhere new is easy, but deciding who to travel with is much more difficult. In an saturated market, it’s hard to cut through the fog of endless choice to find what option is best for you. At Around the World Beauty, we’re so proud of our Beauty Journeys and the amazing women who explore the world with us. If you’re on the fence about whether to join us for your next trip of self-discovery, here are some of the (many) qualities that set us apart from the rest of the industry.

1. Our founder is your personal globe-trotting guru

Our fearless founder, Stephanie Flor, has worked in the beauty industry her whole life, and has been exploring the world for almost as long. 3o countries before 30 and counting! In her career and her travels, she’s been everywhere from private jets high in the sky to sleeping under the stars while backpacking. She prides herself on going to these countries and doing the research to make our experiences as meaningful and authentic as possible. All of our Beauty Journeys have been curated by Stephanie with love to create a culture of acceptance and a space for emotional impact. Having worked in the beauty industry for so long, Stephanie wanted to create something special that focused on not only outer beauty, but the enrichment of the person as a whole. You’ll feel the influence of her vision in every aspect of the trip.

2. We cultivate a beauty tribe of passionate, open-minded women

We get it; jetting off to an unknown country with a new group of women seems intimidating. But don’t worry — by the time you finally meet face-to-face you’ll feel like you’ve known these women for years. We limit our group size to fifteen to ensure that everyone gets to know each other, and also so we don’t overwhelm the local communities. We interview everyone who wants to travel with us, so we have a sense of who they are and what they want from this experience. We want to ensure that every woman who joins us has a personal calling or motivation to travel to this specific destination. Our trips are inclusive and create a culture of women who can empower one another. When you leave, you’re leaving with friends for life, not just “those girls I went on that trip with.”

3. You get a multi-faceted, authentic experience

We are well-rounded and diverse, so our trips reflect our lifestyle philosophy. We love yoga and clean eating as much as we love tiramisu and a good glass of wine. We love luxurious massages and glamorous beauty products as well as authentic, off-the-beaten path experiences with the locals. We don’t limit the kinds of experiences you can have on one of our journeys because that’s not who we are. You get a balance between the fun and indulgent beauty experiences, and the challenging and eye-opening travel experiences. These aren’t just retreats for the wellness girl, the cool-girl, the beauty lover, or the adventurer. They’re trips for the woman that has a little bit of all these passions, and is open-minded and willing to explore.

4. We take time to give back to the local community

On every trip, we have a Beauty Giving Back Day to contribute something meaningful to local women. We particularly focus on giving back to women because they are the caretakers for all the ancient beauty secrets we explore. In all of these countries, women have been keeping their communities running and honoring beauty traditions for hundreds, if not thousands, of years, and we like to honor that. On our recent trip in India, we had the honor of visiting a special cafe to hear stories of pain and perseverance from survivors of acid attacks. After wards, we visited an orphanage and gave the children flower crowns that we made by hand, and polished their nails. It was a small gesture for those who have endured so much, but is was our way of putting some good karma back into the country and women that had welcomed us with open arms.

5. We focus on all meanings of beauty

On our journeys, we focus on the three facets of beauty: inner beauty, outer beauty, and the Ethos. We strongly believe that beauty is not just skin deep; true beauty is when someone is at peace with themselves, their environment, and their spirit. To nourish inner beauty, we take time for our travelers to focus on themselves, to channel their emotions through journaling, and to reflect on what they’ve experienced. To pamper outer beauty, we give our ladies a wonderful swag bag full of meaningful products that tie into the destination, explore regional beauty products, and experience the luxurious beauty rituals of these amazing countries. To connect with our Ethos, we meditate and focus on awareness for the moment; to appreciate that we’re in this wonderful new place and culture, and expanding out ideas and consciousness.

If you’re ready for the adventure of a lifetime that will challenge you, support you, and change you forever, we hope you’ll consider traveling with Around the World Beauty. If you’re still curious about our Beauty Journeys, or want to go ahead and book an upcoming trip, get in touch with us today! We hope you’re inspired to take a leap to faith to enrich your life with one of our trips.

Temple Visits and celebrating Holi in India

Our last day after traveling India for 14 days! United as one in beauty!

Ecuador #BeautyExploring Journey

India Beauty Journey Ladies 

Day Excursions and Beauty Giving Back in India

Our #BeautyTraveler Swag Bag ( All with Indian culture roots)


Written by Mallory Huron

Photos: ATWBeauty Images from Global Beauty Journeys

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